Friday 9 August 2013

Pterosaurs invades the newpapers, this weekend!

Good news, everyone! If you've not already made the plunge and bought Pterosaurs, you can enjoy a teaser article in this Sunday's (11/08/13) Observer to sample it's flavour, available both online and in dead-tree format. The piece covers mostly familiar ground for those with an ear for the jungle drums of pterosaur research, but may serve as a useful taster for current pterosaur science for anyone else. Perhaps of wider interest will be the showcasing of artwork taken straight from the book itself, including several pieces which are yet to be seen elsewhere. If this is the final impetus you need to buy the book, there's promise of a discounted price and free shipping from The Guardian Bookshop. I'll pop a link to the article into this post when it becomes available. (UPDATE: The article has now been posted: find it here).

While I'm stroking my PR cat, of further note is that Pterosaurs was reviewed in New Scientist by Jeff Hecht earlier this week, concluding that "[the] explanations and diagrams shed vivid light on the most intriguing creatures that ever flew, and in richer detail than even [Wellnhofer's 1991 pterosaur encyclopedia] could have managed just two decades ago." The article also features images from the University of Portsmouth Southbank pterosaur display, including our late, 10 m wingspan model of a flying azhdarchid. RIP, BigQuetz.

If this isn't quite enough of a pterosaurian fix for you, don't forget about the Pterosaurs talk being held at the Natural History Museum, London, this September.

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