Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Pteranodon sternbergi does the cover of TREE

Exciting news: thanks to Rob Knell, Dave Hone, Joe Tomkins and Darren Naish, my old image of a male Pteranodon sternbergi and his harem has made the cover of the latest edition of TREE! This is the first time my artwork has featured so prominently on the front page of a journal or magazine, so it's certainly given 2013 an excellent start from my perspective. As may be expected, the illustration accompanies the recent Knell et al. (2013) review of sexual selection in prehistoric animals found in this edition of the journal (which, while I'm in trumpet blowing mode, features another image of mine, showing sexual dimorphism in Darwinopterus). Access to the paper seems unrestricted at the time of writing at least, so be sure to check it out, and thanks to the authors for asking me to be part of their work!

That will do for now: very busy putting the last few hours into a long-term project that will no doubt be of interest to some readers here. Check back for news soon. Happy New Year all!


  • Knell, R., Naish, D., Tomkins, J. L. and Hone, D. W. E. 2013. Sexual selection in prehistoric animals: detection and implications. Trends in Ecology & Evolution, 28, 38-47

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