Tuesday, 15 January 2013

And now... a word from our sponsors



'Palaeontologist' is synonymous with 'hot', 'fashionable', 'stylish' and all the other cool words in the dictionary. Show your PalaeoPassionTM with pride. Purchase items featuring what noted palaeozoologist Darren NaishTM called WittonianaTM at markwitton.com|storeTM to show the world just how with it you are. 

At the markwitton.com|storeTM, you'll find the latest iPalaeomugTM designs, t-shirts, stationary, cards and all manner of other items. Whether it's an Anurognathus poster for your den, a fuzzy Pachyrhinosaurus clock for your study, or a Tyrannosaurus pacifier to keep your baby quiet when you're trying to look hot in your Nyctosaurus-meets-God t-shirt, the markwitton.com|storeTM has you covered in the sexiest, most palaeosensualTM ways.

Most importantly, the markwitton.com|storeTM designers want to know what you want. The new store, while hot and sensuous, is still in its early stages, and needs more merchandise. But like all good lovers, we want to give you what you desire most. If you think a piece of artwork from markwitton.com, its sister blog, or archived Flickr gallery would look good on a sexy, sensuous t-shirt, tea towl, coaster set or another piece of merchandise, you need to contact us at mark.witton@port.ac.uk to let us know, and we'll make it just for you*. Genuine requests only please: asking for an item is not an obligation to buy, but please don't request items if you have no intention to purchase them should their design please you.

*And then leave it for sale for anyone else who may like it. But it's you, our special you, that we're thinking of with each sale.

Finally, a brief word on prices. As with any on-demand product, the basic costs for items from the markwitton.com|store are higher than anyone might like, but rest assured that only minimal royalties are being taken: no more than 10% of item cost in the vast majority of cases. Customers outside of the USATM should also bear in mind that the markwitton.com|storeTM ships from the Zazzle warehouse in California, so adjust expectations for postage costs and delivery times accordingly.

Now stop reading this and get shopping, you crazy, sexyTM readersTM you.

[Normal service will be resumed shortly]

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